Monday, October 13, 2014

Potty training expert Carol Cline explains her proven method to potty train in 3 days

Today I had the pleasure to speak with a world renowned potty training expert by the name of Carol Cline. Her claim to fame all started when she stumbled upon a method that will have almost any child potty trained and diaper free, in just 3 days flat. To date she has helped thousands upon thousands of parents and here was some of the advice she had to share with me today:

Me: Hi Carol, thanks for taking the time with me here today.
Carol: Glad to make the time! Hope I can help answer all your hard hitting potty training questions and help some parents along the way.
Me: So, let me come right out and ask! Did you ever think that one day you’d be the world authority on all things potty training?
Carol: I wish I could tell you that I knew this was my calling the second I sat on my very first potty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually went to school for business and owning my own daycare was always the life long goal for me.
Me: Thats fantastic! So this interview will be going out to lots of parents who are right now just about to start potty training. What one word would you use to describe the entire potty training process?
Carol: Well let me break the rules and sum it up in two; “Buckle Down”
Me: Oh boy! I’m sure parents love hearing that lol. Can you tell me exactly what you mean by “buckle down”?
Carol: Well i’m sure some parents would expect me to say “Run for your life” while secretly hoping I’d say “Don’t worry about it, its easy!”. The truth is that potty training is different for every child and it will be just as challenging as it is rewarding when all is said and done.
Me: So what would you say  a parents very first step should be going into potty training if they want fast results?
Carol: The first thing I always tell parents is to remember P.P.C! That stands for always being “Positive, Persistent and Consistent”. They are the three pillars that make potty training stand, remove one and the entire thing falls to the ground.
Me: I know for a fact with my own child, being positive all the way through was a big part of it.
Carol: Children can sense if you’re truly happy or not. Simply put – If you’re not happy training them, they wont be happy learning from you.
Me: There is an age old debate on the topic of potty training when it comes to boys verses girls. Is it a fact that girls are easier to train than boys?
Carol: Now this is a question I honestly get asked a lot and the truth might just surprise you. Boys and girls are exactly the same to potty train! This myth started due to the basic fact that typically in the past, women would be the ones responsible for potty train the child. Typically  women feel more comfortable potty training their daughters simply because they can relate better to them. In reality, you potty train a boy the exact same way you would a girl – There is no difference.
Me: Now you literally “wrote the book” on how to potty train. If parents pick up your guide can they really have a diaper free child in three days?
Carol: Now let me say that if your child is 16 months you cant honestly expect more like a few weeks. But nearly every parent with a child around the age of two (give or take a month or two) who shows signs that they are read… CAN in fact be trained in just three days… Sometimes even less!
Me: What is the shortest time someone has ever potty trained their child using the methods in your guide?
Carol: I once had a women read my guide at 7 AM and emailed me that day at 3:40PM telling me their child has gone to the potty all day long on his own! So eight hours and forty minutes to answer your question exactly! lol
Me: An email like that must have felt nice?
Carol: As crazy as it sound. Helping parents potty train their children has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Me: So if parents want to experience potty training their child in three days, where can find out more about your method?
Carol: They can visit my website! It’s the only place they will find out exactly how I came up with my personal method and get their hands on a copy for themselves. (click here to visit website
Me: Well, thank you very much for your time with me here today Carol.
Carol: Any time!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

When to potty train boys

Potty training has become an essential skill every parent must have; with the coming of these alternative ways of helping your children get rid of the diaper, this is not about to end soon. This is the best exercise where parents have to be very patient, or you’ll end up giving up; it is a learning session for both parents and the child. As a parent, you get to learn your child’s development and the child gets to learn the skill. All parents should embrace this mode of training as it comes with a lot of benefits to both the child and you.
Potty training in 3 days has been seen as the most tiresome and rewarding exercise a child and a parent can achieve. Looking critically at this exercise, everybody has a role to play. For the training to succeed within this short period of time, a parent has to prepare effectively. A lot of things need to be put in place, and a lot of effort needs to be put to play. This duration should not be used as a benchmark for all children; it should be taken as a motivation that your child can learn this act in that short time if you get the proper tools, attitude and effort.
The 3 day potty training has to start somewhere. The parent must choose the best time to engage a child in this training. Research shows that this training is not solely dependent on the age of a child but even on the physical and emotional support. To determine whether your child is ready for this task, the following might help you.
  • The first one is whether your child has shown an interest in the potty chair or not.
  • The second way to determine this is to know if your child even understands the instructions you might
    To tell whether your child is ready for potty training, you can tell when your child has shown sign communication either by word of mouth and posture. You can know as well when he or she can stay for long periods of time without wetting the diaper. The best time can even be when he or she complains or is uncomfortable with the diaper. Ability to pull his or her pants up and down can be another show that your child is ready for the training. Finally, look out when your child has shown the ability to sit and even rise from the potty chair. If all these signs have passed, then you can begin the training.
    How can you begin the 3 day potty training to make it successful? As a parent, this can be the question you would love answered. How do you make a learning session interesting? This can be the question you might want to start with. Children are quick to learn, but make the initial statement of the training humorous, and you will get the attention and the interest of your child.
    When teaching your child how to potty, it is recommended that you do this in a closed environment. The bathroom can be the best place. After placing the potty chair in the best spot, encouraging your child to make the first step and sit on the chair is the next agenda. Ensure to make this easy for the child. Provide a stool for your child’s feet to rest on. You can demonstrate it by dumping a used diaper in the potty chair to show him the use of this new equipment.
    You might need to have the lesson frequent, especially when your child shows interest in it. This can be made regularly within the first two days. How to potty can take time but when this is scheduled, the child can easily grasp the secret and the basics of potty. You may require a book to guide you during the training, but for your child, you need to have a way of luring him or her into the training. You can choose to get a toy specially given to him during the training.
    Potty training in 3 days will be successful when each time you notice your child has the urge to use the toilet, you take him or her to the toilet and help them use the potty chair. The first trials might be hard but be quick to praise them when they do it right. It begins with a simple understanding, training, and patience, but as a parent, this is the best training your child can get through. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Potty train in 3 days

As parents take up the task to potty train their child, a lot of things can come in their minds. They wonder whether they are going to succeed or not, they ask themselves if the right time for the child has been reached, and a lot of them even go to the extent of seeking a professional to let them know the next step to take. Training our child to use a potty chair can go a long way in ensuring they learn how to use the toilet at an early age. This should be done at the right time, in the right place and in the right approach. All parents go through this noble task in an effort to give their child the best manners.
However, parents can overdo some things when they are potty training their children. This is a lesson, and a parent is the teacher. The fact that you teach your own child does not necessarily mean you overdo this exercise. In fact as a parent, you ought to be the best in doing this because you understand your time better than anyone else. It is true that sometimes, you might need the services of another person in this task, but this should not deter you from participating yourself.

     To make this training as easy as possible, there are several things that you must do as a parent. Before you even teach your child how to potty, you have to prepare him or her psychologically. This makes the equipment familiar to your child; it also makes the training a little easy and keeps him up-to-date with his training. The best way you can do this is simply by talking about it at an early age and get him books showing how children potty. This will go a long way in making this training easier and an easy-to-relate-to exercise. All these can be done once your child is a year and half in age.
Before training your child, you might need to set realistic results. A lot of parents have heard the common potty training in 3 days; yes, this is possible, but should this be your focus when you are training your baby? The duration of learning should not really matter, what is important is that your child learns to use the potty chair. You do not want to be the kind of parent who fixes things and schedules to be done on your child even if it is almost impossible to achieve. Training your child to potty can even take a week depending on your child’s readiness and response to this training.
Most parents who have achieved the 3 day potty training exercise put it clearly that they followed their children’s interest and lead. They spent most of the training learning what their child could do and when they did it best. The child might be ready for some things, but the way they want it done on them/ want to do them could be different. The best way to teach a child is to let them do it at their own time – in their own way – but you must be there to assist them.
Throughout the potty training, you must be very particular in the way you handle corrections. Your child might not follow your instructions well, but you must be very observant not to display any form of disappointment open to them. Showing disappointments makes them feel pushed and creates tension in them as well. Always remain positive and show them that failing is part of trying. Encourage them using the right phrases and you will be surprised how well they will respond to your training.
You should be keen not to overdo rewards as well. To potty train effectively, both parties must be willing to learn and help each other. You must reward only when it is worth rewarding. Train your child to do best, but not to do it to be rewarded. This way, you not only make them appreciate the training, but you are nurturing them into becoming responsible citizens.
When teaching your kid how to potty, keeping an emergency kit close could also be very important. Accidents may happen at the course of training, and the emergency kit will go a long way in ensuring you get or give the best care at that time. The kit should not only have the medical supplements, but also the clothes especially your child’s underwear as things might get messy.
Whether potty training in 3 days or a week, the factors above need to be observed for the training to be a success.